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BT Steel Door aims to reach the best level for consumers in the price-benefit ratio and to reach the maximum level in terms of both price and trust. BT Steel Door continues its production in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in a closed area of 5,000m², keeping quality and aesthetics in the foreground in its products. BT Steel Door sees it as another target to realize the safest and most stylish production at the most affordable price with its R&D studies on its products. In addition, BT Steel Door aims to represent our country abroad under the name of quality products and contribute to the country's economy, especially with its exports.



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What are the Steel Door Features?

  1. • The wooden veneer case is designed using today's technological possibilities.
  2. • When choosing the materials used in the manufacture of our steel doors, first class materials are preferred.
  3. • The number of safety pins is designed to create high security. This increases the safety of your living spaces and allows for safer usage areas.
  4. • Doors designed with sound and heat insulation properties will also offer you a plus advantage in heat and sound insulation in your living spaces.
  5. • In this context, you can choose doors that will provide advantages in terms of both safety and insulation and use them as the first entrance door of your living spaces.

We need to take various measures to make our living spaces safer. In this context, the durability and safety of the entrance doors is very important. While it can be used with many options in terms of steel door models and features, it is also produced with various features. When we look at the features of the door, we see that steel frames are produced and offered for use by taking advantage of today's technological possibilities. With this feature, our living spaces are now much safer.

Steel Door Resistant to Oxidation

The quality of the building entrance doors and materials allows the steel doors to be much safer and stronger. When we look at the steel door features, we see that it offers the opportunity to use it for a long time without any oxidation. In addition, steel doors are offered for use with more robust, high quality and materially higher costs compared to classical doors.

Specially Designed Against Malicious Persons

If you want to protect your living spaces against thieves and malicious people, first of all, you need to give importance to quality steel doors and their durability. However, steel doors have many lock system features. Thanks to these lock systems, the doors are designed to provide safe use against various theft methods.

Steel Doors are Important in Visual Details

As it should be robust and safe, it is also among the important details that are considered in steel doors in visual details and models. In this framework, there are various door models offered with embossed features, as well as many options ranging from sports-looking and more classical door models. In addition, you can protect your living spaces and increase security with embossed PVC steel door models. You can choose various steel door models by examining and getting expert support and you can use these doors with confidence for many years.

We Are At Your Service With Our Steel Door Models

Our company, which is experienced in modern steel doors, helps you to have the product you need with reasonable price advantages with many product options. In addition to standard door models, you can protect your living spaces with many door models that will increase the security of your living spaces by looking at the features of lock systems. If you want to examine the steel doors and get information, it will be sufficient to make an interview with our expert staff.

Today, we continue to work diligently to offer you the best customer-oriented service with our current employees. In this context, we help you to benefit from our services by providing first-class service far beyond our expectations.

It will be enough to review the Steel Door Catalog and Our Site

You can get information from our expert staff by examining the steel door models, especially through the steel door catalog. In addition to its doors equipped with high security features, you can choose from many product options for indoors, which are considered as one of the entrance details to living spaces. In addition to luxury steel door models with single color design, it will be enough for you to contact us for dozens of different product options, from double color steel door models. Walnut-looking steel doors have always attracted attention from the past to the present. With its visual appearance, classical doors are among the preferred products in many living spaces. Thanks to this feature, it will benefit you to get a different atmosphere. You can also make your choice by taking advantage of many color options among our various products.